Our Concept
in Summer Season

(1) BASS release three times a week

We reconsidered once again about bass fishing at managed fishing grounds.

How to catch fish for the first experience, children, and female anglers?

Among them, as a field creation we aim for, how to increase the proportion of fresh fish in the pound of fish in the area?

The answer is to increase the amount of stock released three times a week, and move the damaged bass that are caught regularly to the stock ponds owned by our company to recover the condition.

New Fish > Caught Fish
is the weight balance within the pound.

We are aiming to develop a ranker bass! Please stay tuned!

This is calculated based on the average value of the fish yield for over 20 years due to the replacement work that is done every year while we have experienced area works for 26 years, and how to approach the situation where we can catch it. As an answer to this question, we have decided to take on a new challenge from this year.

(2) Release of other fish species

In the summer season bass area management, we aim to diversify the fish species as well as the winter trout season.

We also have regular stocking of stripers. In addition, we also regularly release American catfish.

striper (striped bass)
This fish, native to North America, is imported from overseas. A big fighter known as "BULL" in the United States, It is also famous for being able to fish under the Statue of Liberty in New York. It is also a fish that is both grumpy and bold. Nicknamed "BULL" in his home country of the United States due to the awesomeness of his fights. I guess they are familiar with it.

BULL in our area! 80cm about 32inch big striper!

Seven stripes are like the NY Yankees uniform It is a very beautiful pattern that symbolizes America.

NY Yankees uniform design It is TIFFANY of the famous first-class brand. Its founder, Louis B. Tiffany You can fish at the edge of the eaves of Brooklyn, NY, That pinstripe striper pattern Did you entrust it to the uniform design?

Here is a nostalgic commercial that we dreamed of when we were children

If you can catch this American big fighter in Japan...

Realized with a long-standing desire to

It's the only game fish in Japan!

american catfish
Native to North America, in the eastern United States, Canada, etc. It is the most popular freshwater fish, and the demand for food is high. A popular target for deliciousness!

Large ones exceed 1 m, and even in this area There is also a size 20lb over.

With a flat head shape and a tail fin with swimming power The fight that does not rise until the end is very powerful

The unique torque feeling is a big fight that is not found in the native species. can enjoy

Each of them has a different fishing method and fight from bass. We will do our best to make you enjoy it.

Each fish has its own characteristics, and the fishing method and fight are also different. Various experiences in one field Based on the concept of wanting customers to taste, Not only for bass, but also for stripers and catfish We carry out regular discharge.

Also from this year as a new 4th fish species in summer

New Australian Monster Fish I will challenge "Murraycod".

What kind of fishing methods will be developed and developed?

You can fish with MAV without going to Australia! ! We are planning a new game like this.Based on such expectations, we continue to challenge ourselves. (Murray Cod is Import permission confirmed by the Kanto Regional Environment Office of the Ministry of the Environment)

(3) Bait release that changes with the seasons

To create a more exciting scene, we release baits such as Japanese dace,mullet , and juvenile carp every season.

All of the fish we handle are farmed fish, so normal pellets are indispensable for maintaining proportions and providing absolute nutrition to the fish.Our concept is, if we compare it to the human diet, pellets are rice, which is the staple food. And the bait stocking that changes every season is considered to be a side dish for the staple food rice. The same is true for humans, but rice alone is not enough, and not having it all has a different nutritional balance.

The same can be said for the farmed fish we handle.

In order to maintain that balance, we will assist anglers in making lure drawers for side dishes.

(4) Abundant and unique staff

Our MAV is often said to have a large number of staff for its size.

Is it possible to handle ticketing and picking up garbage with 1 or 2 staff?

However, in order for customers who come to this area for the first time, beginners, women, and children, to enjoy themselves, we will give lectures to each person, manage fish, and maintain and beautify the premises. I have an honest impression that the number of staff is still insufficient.In the midst of this, MAV has unique field staff who are always on hand to help our customers. Please feel free to ask our staff.
Also, if you have any complaints, we will do our best to resolve them on the spot.
Please feel free to contact our staff when you come.

(5) Specialty B-class gourmet

Speaking of MAV, fishing is mochiron, “Meat!” “Grilled skewers!”

Oversized grilled skewers that are carefully grilled in the area's proud charcoal kiln Exactly "real BBQ"!

The soft and juicy extra-large grilled skewers have a constant fan base!

Recently hidden popular MAV big burger! ! No matter what you say, the volume and deliciousness of the patty

with a feeling of liberation in nature With a bottle of cola or a beer Lure fishing while eating grilled skewers and hamburgers!

A space full of American atmosphere! !

Once you step into Angler's Village, It will surely make you forget the daily reality! !

Our area is second to none!

What we aim for is the only fishing spot in Japan!

Our challenge continues forever!