Miyagi Angler's Village
About the security system
In this area, we have many monitors and security cameras linked to smartphone apps operated by our staff 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

(Photos on the monitor screen are mosaiced to prevent leakage of the shooting range. In fact, they are recorded quite clearly regardless of day or night.)

In addition, regarding security cameras, only some images are taken, and for security reasons, we cannot inform you of the positions of all security cameras, but in order to ensure that customers who visit us can enjoy fishing safely, we have a strict system in place, and we are constantly monitoring entrance and exit, belongings, suspicious persons, vehicle troubles, etc.

Thorough nighttime surveillance
In this area, we have a contract with ALSOK Gunma Co., Ltd. to prepare for unforeseen situations even after the staff leaves the company. Since the ALSOK security guard base is located just a short distance from this area, they will rush to you in a few minutes.
In addition, in this area, we are collaborating with the local Maebashi Higashi Police Station to conduct patrols around this area.
Maebashi Higashi Police Ogo police box and Naegashima police box are also located 3 minutes from this area.
Please note that a police officer may call out to you while you are waiting for your turn.

There is nothing wrong with fish. In a sense, this was an act of indiscriminate slaughter similar to that of a terrorist.

However, we have overcome such difficulties and continue to try until now.

We, MAV, are officially managed fishing grounds that have received permission from the Ministry of the Environment under the Specified Alien Species Act!We have our worst days that we will never forget.

At midnight on May 28, 2020, there was a horrific and tragic incident in which about 5,000 stripers were tragically killed overnight by someone spraying poison on the striper ponds in this area.
This incident caused an economic loss of about 30 million yen at that time.

There was a loss, but what hurt me the most was that the fish were important lives not only for us, but also for the customers who use this area.

On the day of the incident, a police officer from Maebashi Higashi Police Station and Chief Yoda are present at the scene.